“Did you know that Pennsylvania has a state song and a state beverage?

           In the third workbook in her PA state history series, Sandy Sieber continues her excellent presentations of Pennsylvania facts in a simple and fun way for students to learn important trivia about their state.                 

           PHACOPS RANA AND OTHER PENNSYLVANIA SYMBOLS is an outstanding review of all of the Keystone State’s symbols, including photos, sketches, review questions for the student, and teacher guidelines. Written for the tween and teen reader, Sandy’s booklet, as well as either of her other two in the series, THE FLYING BANANA AND OTHER PENNSYLVANIA TRANSPORTATION and ARCHBALD POTHOLE AND OTHER PENNSYLVANIA STATE PARKS will fulfill the state requirement in elementary and secondary school for Pennsylvania history.

           Homeschool supervisors, your search to fulfill your state history requirement has ended with this book.”

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            “PHACOPS RANA AND OTHER PENNSYLVANIA SYMBOLS is a terrific learning tool for teachers, parents, and children. It is a must-read for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of the fascinating history of our great Commonwealth. This book is enlightening, well-illustrated and a joy to read. It artfully captures the rich tapestry that is our Pennsylvania history.”

Rep. Adam Harris 

R-82 Juniata, Mifflin, and Snyder Counties