• Early Days in Pennsylvania
  • Early Craftsmen and Craftswomen
  • Ship Building
  • Commercial Fishing
  • The Conestoga Wagon
  • Iron Making
  • The Coal Industry
  • Tanneries
  • The Oil Industry
  • The Steel Industry
  • The Lumber Industry
  • Textile Manufacturing
  • Railroad Locomotives and Train Cars
  • Agriculture
  • Car & Truck Manufacturing
  • Food Processing
  • Natural Gas

This book provides details of early Pennsylvania industries.  Each section concludes a section about its place in Pennsylvania  today.  Many pictures accompany the text. Biblical "Life Lessons" are scattered throughout to relate content with wisdom. 

Use of the separate Student Workbook and Teacher's Guide will enhance learning in a classroom or homeschool setting. The Student Workbook contains review activities along with map and chart work. The Teacher's Guide has answers to the review activities and a final test along with its answer key. Both extra books contain a plan for using all of the author's Pennsylvania history books to provide a one-year course Pennsylvania history course.


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